July 26, 2008

Dealing with Renting a Vehicle.

We were able to drop my oldest son off without any problems no thanks to Enterprise. I once praised this company. I don't any longer. Not because the car I was suppose to rent came back as a wrecked vehicle and not because they didn't have another vehicle to replace it with. It was because they didn't bother to tell me of the situation until after everything had closed.

To make matters worse, early the next morning they never called me back even after knowing the situation was of dire importance. Even a simple yes or no I don't have any vehicles available, would have been helpful. Instead they avoided the situation. Very bad. Very bad for business. So I told them I will not be renting from them again. Instead I rented from CM Motors.

I might not like the fact that CM Motors doesn't have unlimited miles, but at least they have better customer service!