July 17, 2008

Clocks. It's as Simple as That

Grandfather clocks can be fascinatingly beautiful. A friend of mine had one before she moved away. She kept it in the corner of her dining room and although it never chimed, it was still a beautiful clock.

I don't own a grandfather clock, however. Not because I really don't want one, but because I haven't found the perfect grandfather clock that suites me and the decor of our home. I don't just want any grandfather clock. I want one that goes right along with my life. Does that make sense?

I mean why buy a clock that you don't really like? You wouldn't buy an outfit in that manner, so why buy a grandfather clock that way? I somehow doubt you would. Hmmm. I just realized something.

There are really no clocks at all in this house. I don't just mean grandfather clocks either. I am talking about any kind of clock. Well, no. I did buy a Shrek Clock for the boys' room a while back. It was simply because the boys love Shrek. Also there is a simple alarm clock in our bedroom for work. Other than that, no clocks.

Now my mother's home. That's a totally different story. She has a clock in every room in her house. Even the bathroom. I think she loves clocks. Either that or she needs to know the time everywhere she goes.lol But, that's okay. The idea of a unique clock isn't such a bad idea. How many clocks do you have in your home? Do you go crazy with clocks in every room like my mom or do you keep things simple? Do you care what the clock looks like? Does it fit your home, your style? Or do you buy whatever is cheap and looks like it will last forever?