July 3, 2008

Cell Phones and No Call List

About a year ago I set my husband and I up to where we are suppose to be on the no call list. Now I am not sure why telemarketers think that the No Call List Information they have on us doesn't pertain to them, but I'm honestly getting fed up. Just about every week I have at least one telemarketer calling my phone trying to sell me something.

In the past I have tried telling them I am on the no call list however, they don't seem to care. I understand that telemarketers have a job to do too, but if you're on a no call list, it means DO NOT CALL. To eliminate the problem, I have started letting my voicemail catch my calls if I don't recognize the number. This creates a problem however since some of those calls I've ignored were important people calling me.

So, instead I have started looking up the numbers using Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to see who's calling me. It works great as long as I can check the calls in time.

Does my husband have the same problem with telemarketers that I do? Once in a while, but not nearly as often as I do. Lucky Bastard.

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