July 7, 2008

Boggling the Mind With a CAT 5E

When I first saw the abbreviation CAT 5E, my mind went straight to.... HUH? What the hell is that? Well, here's what I learned.

CAT 5E stands for "Cable and Telephone." It's use: Designed for High Signal Integrity, for use with computer networks and ethernet connections. Cool I have one of those. But... My ethernet connection is void. The reason is, when we had a big power storm a few years back, the cable box I use got fried. It was of course connected to my ethernet which got fried. Thank god for USB connections!

So while I really don't have any use for a Cat5e Keystone jack at the moment, I'm sure someone out there in this insane world, does. And if there's a really big technology buff out there, please feel free to drop a comment on the subject of CAT 5E's.