July 2, 2008

A Better Advantage in Car Rental

I must admit, I would love to see more than just the one car rental place we actually have in town. While their prices are fairly reasonable, I wasn't impressed with the fact that it took them nearly a week to refund the extra money they were holding from the car rental.

Maybe there's a better advantage.. HA Pun intended...like, Advantage car rental. But alas, there isn't an advantage in our area. So we're stuck using the one we have.

Maybe you'll have more of an advantage in your area? Hey, if that convertible shown on their website is only $20.99 a day to rent? I'd be all for it! That's not bad at all compared to what it costs to rent a car around here. And aside from the fact that we can't rent a convertible in this town, in the first place. Advantage definitely has a bigger selection of vehicles to choose from! Yep. That's what we get for living in a small town!