July 24, 2008

Bag Borrow or Steal

I found an interesting site. Actually my best friend pointed it out to me. The website is called, Bag Borrow or Steal. What's so unique about this website is that you can borrow brand name Designer purses and real jewelry pieces from other users for a monthly price. There are no late fees, no time limits and if you really love the purse or jewelry piece, you have the option to buy it if it's up for sale.

So I wondered, what happens if someone decides to just walk away with that item or it gets damaged or stolen. Well, there's insurance if it's stolen, if it's broken or someone decides to just keep the item, their credit card will be billed. So it sounds like it all works out. Still, I find the website to be just way too trustworthy and definitely not for me! It was fun checking it out though and I wish them the best of luck to their business!