June 27, 2008

You Can Get Your Passport Online!

When I got my passport several years ago, I had to go to a post office to have the passport done. While it's not a big inconvenience to some people, when you live in a big city and have to drive 20-30 minutes, plus parking meter fees, etc. It most certainly can be!

That is why when I found out about www.americanpassport.com I was ecstatic. I mean, sure.. It's a bit too late for me since I already have a passport for travel, but if I do ever decide to go anywhere international, I can go through them to get my passport. And of course so can my husband who is not a social person much anymore. if he can stay inside of the house vs. headed outdoors downtown, he'll do it!

So kuddos to the american passport website. I can definitely see people excited about this one!