June 26, 2008

Yeah, I Could Use a New Life

To understand what Ive gone through in the past couple of years is a long story. A very long story, but one that can be told. And in doing so, I decided to enter the $10,000 makeover contest that myfillosophy.com is sponsoring.

Several years ago I was visiting my cousin with my best friend. I love photos of my family, so I took advantage of the situation and had my best friend snap a photo of me and my cousin. When I got the photo results, I was in shock. The picture showed me as old. Very old. I looked worn out and about 10 years older than I really was. It was right around the time I had separated from my abusive ex-husband. So yeah, the stress was not only killing me physically, it was killing my skin as well.

So, as I said, I entered the Makeover contest. You see, that photo was the beginning of what would happen next. Has it stopped? No. It's gotten worse. What little you see on my blog is only a fraction of what my life has come to. I hope it will end eventually. My health depends on it. What my family does not understand, my health is at risk. Stress is real and it can kill. How do you explain that to people who simply refuse to listen? How?

Please Note: This is a paid post sponsored by myfillosophy and payperpost.