June 12, 2008

Wedding Memories and Why My Aunts Stopped Feuding

For several years my aunts had been feuding with one another. What actually started the misunderstanding, finally ended in a misunderstanding. While I won't go into detail of the exact reason my aunts were feuding, I can tell you, it started tearing the rest of the family a part as well.

Well, on the day of my wedding come hell or high water I decided to invite both of my aunts. The cards were stacked against me and my family constantly reminded me that they might not show up. To my amazement and surprise, they both showed. And neither of them argued with one another the entire time. As a matter of fact they started talking to one another again!

I was so relieved that I told them so. It was then that I learned about the misunderstanding and that I hadn't been the only one trying to get them to talk to each other again. My Aunt C's husband had been doing th exact same thing!

It's wonderful to see that my aunts are talking again and it all started with my wedding. What a wonderful memory!

Weddings and memories are both precious. I remember when I first started looking at all of the different invitations available for weddings. There were sooo many to choose from! At that time going online to look at wedding invitations actually scared me. What happened if I ordered them and they ended up looking like something totally different than I had imagined? I seriously doubt most places would have allowed a full refund of my purchase just because my wedding invitation wasn't exactly how I pictured it to be. So end the end there would have been more frustration than anything.

Planning your wedding should not be about frustration or fear, however. And to make things a little easier I found an invitation website that is doing something about that fear. 1st Class Wedding Invitations has a very unique feature that I have not found anywhere else.

When you go to their website and find a wedding invitation you like, you can zoom over that invitation and see it close up. It's like look at the invitation right in front of you. I love it! My favorite happens to be the Modern Leaf Invitation. Check it out! I really wish this feature would have been available when I got married! Instead I chose to create my own invitations. Which was just as nice, by the way.