June 11, 2008

An Update on My Google Adsense Earnings

Another week has gone by and I'm happy to report that I've managed to get 6 clicks and make $1.73 using google adsense. Now most of you may wonder why I bother since $1.73 isn't much. I bother because $1.73 is better than nothing at all and its not costing me anything to make that $1.73. Besides, $1.73 can buy lunch for the day, dinner for the night, etc. For most people, $1.73 can go along ways, especially with the outrageous gas prices that are and have been officially upon us.

Here's the proof that google adsense does work! I might not be as rich as John Chow, but it's something at least! So, thank you to my readers who clicked on the google ads!