June 14, 2008

To Ipod or Not to Ipod, That is the True Question

I really don't understand all of the hub bub when it comes to ipods, but the teenagers and even some adults around here, certainly love them. I guess I am still faithful to my cd player since it accomplishes just as much as an ipod can.

I mean sure, ipods are a lot smaller and you don't need a cd to play the tunes, but you can listen to just about the same amount of music. Cd's have advanced as well and I can guarantee my husband has a cd or two which contains about 1,000 full version songs on each cd.

But then I noticed that some ipods can go up to 40 hours on battery life. Very cool! They also allow you to play videos, something that cd players cannot. So maybe there really are some advantages to owning an ipod. right now however, an ipod is just not in my vocabulary.