June 23, 2008

Police Officers Who Go Above and Beyond

I have a friend who is a police officer for the Independence, Kansas Police Department. He's a great guy and does his job well. Which, is why I rarely get a chance to see him! Police Officers are on duty more than a lot of people think. They take on a very difficult job working around the clock with 6 or 7 days on the job, no time off and the pay isn't outstanding either. But then there are the rewards of knowing your helping in your community and protecting people and that of course is the best reward of all.

As off the subject as this is, I have often wondered where police departments order their police gear. Do they go through a certain company that is standard issue or can they choose their own? No matter what, I am sure the officers are allowed to purchase some things on their own as long as it doesn't go against standard and safety issue.

For example: Luminox watches are certainly not a standard issued item, but I don't see why our local law enforcement wouldn't be allowed to wear them while they are on duty.

I think they would also make a nice gift for our local officers who do go above an beyond their call of duty. Well, who knows, maybe the chief of the Independence, Kansas Police Department is reading this and might consider the nice gift idea. What do you think? Do you know of any police officers who go above and beyond their duty?

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