June 5, 2008

Men and Their Toys

I love the night time, especially the stars in the sky. In most places at night the world seems to stop, even if it's just for a brief moment and the only thing that stands out is the night sky. It's the only placed that is not altered by this insane world. It's peaceful or at least to me it is. And the closer I get to the sky and the stars, the more peaceful and beautiful it is.

My husband however, is a different story. He's an avid hunter and while he loves the night time, he'd much rather be able to hunt at night. It's the only true time when hunting seems to be at its best. Night Vision Scopes are a great way to improve in his fun in hunting. Right now you can get free shipping on them if you're willing to spend $29.95 or more. Not a bad deal. Still, I find the night stars much more relaxing. Men and their toys.

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