June 27, 2008

Kontera VS. Google Adsense

Since they are both up for an update, I thought I would share my earnings with Kontera and Google Adsense. In reality I love them both, but lately google adsense has been earning me more money than kontera. While I can't show it this week because I was behind on posting this, I made around $1.13 with google adsense last week. With Kontera I made a whopping $0.01.

I really doubt the low amount from Kontera has anything to do with them. I just need to sit down and learn how to increase ads for better revenue with Kontera. I must admit, Google Adsense isn't doing too shabby at all. This week alone I've had over 300 visitors and I am showing a revenue of $0.43. Hey, I know it's chump change for a lot of you out there, but that chump change all adds up for those of us who are looking to get out of debt and could really use the money!!