June 23, 2008

Jason Mewes and Tattoos

My husband is a movie lover. At one time he actually owned more than 600 movies. His favorite movies is his National Lampoon Collection which for the most part, I deem as stupid with the exception of the Chevy Chase ones and a few.

A recent venture outside of our home had us stopping at Blockbuster where he found one of the National Lampoon movies he'd been looking for, you know that one with Paris Hilton. Turns out, not only was it stupid, it was covered in scratches and refused to play most of the movie. Well, really. What did we expect for a $4.99 used movie.

Still, one once great advantage of buying used movies from Blockbuster is, if there is ever any problem with the DVD you can exchange it for another, so my husband did just that. This time he got Paris Hilton's Bottoms Up. What the hell is with this Paris Hilton fascination anyway?

This time, to be honest, it was the first movie she starred in where she didn't actually suck at the role. In addition to Miss Hilton, the movie also stars Jason Mewes from the Jay and Silent Bob movies.

What did suck was the constant spewing of the word fuck in some form throughout the entire movie. I honestly don't mind curse words in a movie, but that was just ridiculous. I must admit though, in addition to loving Jason Mewes' tattoos, he's also a fairly decent actor and by far better than you know who.

 I'm still trying to figure out what the tattoo is on the back of his neck, however. Any clues?