June 27, 2008

I Hate Our Post Office!

With as little time as I have on my hands and as little time as our local post office decides to keep it's window open, I rarely make it to the post office on time for anything. It took me nearly a month to get stamps from them because they no longer have a stamp machine in their lobby. If you work beyond 1pm on a weekday? Forget about it. And weekends? Well, you can forget about them too because the post office is closed.

So what the hell is a girl to do if she needs something the post office? Well... Forget About them! I found a really great place that has all sorts of postage and office supplies like, postage tape, labels, etc. Now you could easily check out the local post office online, but I bet they can't beat the free shipping offer that Labelvalue.com has to offer!

Now I wouldn't knock the local post office out all together because you know they're good for postage stamps, but hey.... Who says we have to buy the rest of our postage needs from them! Time to save some time and make our days a little less stressful. What do you think? Any other places that you find are a great help?