June 23, 2008

For All of Your Johnny Depp Halloween Costume Needs

I never was much into the whole tradition of Halloween. The reason is, because Halloween just isn't the same anymore. For most, you go to malls or local business to get candy. No fun haunted houses to scare for the fun of candy. I mean seriously, what's the fun in going around the mall to get candy?

Last year kind of surprised me. My old job had a Halloween contest at work. So instead of ignoring the usual bland Halloween thing, I participated, more in hopes of winning the $100 gift certificate for the best Halloween costume ideas . Although I didn't win, (I went as a white witch)it was a fun day to see everyone oohing and ahhing over my fiber optic hair.

Since I was laid off from that job, I don't honestly know what sort of mind frame I'll be in when Halloween roles around this year. One thing I do know, some people and companies like Costume Cauldron are looking to get an early start on the haunted holiday. It's not a bad idea and some of their halloween costumes look pretty cool. I found a whole slew of Johnny Depp Halloween Costumes. Everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Edward Scissorhands. They even have costumes from Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpses Bride. How insane is that?

Personally, I love the fact that they have costumes from the movie Saw. But my favorite actually happens to be, the Catwoman costume. Meow......

Costume Cauldron doesn't just deal in tv and movie costumes, however. They have other great costumes as well. Check out their adult section. I'll be honest, I can see these costumes being used for more that just halloween. And seriously, why not? Whatever your favorite idea of a costume is, I am sure they have it. Umm, but something I noticed they don't have that I would absolutely love. Two, actually. The costume Drew Barrymore wore in Everafter and the costume for Tom's Cruise's leading lady in Legend. Too bad! Meow......