June 27, 2008

Dreams and Migraines

Apparently last night's stressful events (I won't go into details) is causing a severe migraine headache today. I've found that the only thing that works for my headaches is Excedrin for migraine, but I don't like taking any medications unless I necessarily have to. I am wondering if there are some alternatives to take medications for a migraine headache. If I have some time today, I may do some research on Migraines. If anyone else who has experienced migraines and found some great alternatives to them... I'd love to hear about it!

Also, I had a weird dream last night. It involved my husband's dad and wanting someone (I thought it was my husband, but now I am not so sure)to join the merchant marines. I wouldn't even know anything about the merchant marines except I was watching a movie called, "The Cutting Edge" last night that mentioned them in it. My father-in-law was insistent that the someone join the merchant marines because the job I had just wasn't enough. I was insistent that he not go because I would not see him for almost a year and military changes a man for the worse. He becomes angry and violent. I had pointed out that our best friend was married to a marine and he became physically violent. They also never saw one another.

Then another part of my dream involved water and a beach/park and a snake that was poisonous. I was telling my husband about the snake that I knew was poisonous and tried to strike me. My husband argued that his ex-wife said the snake was not poisonous or the type of snake I had mentioned that it was. A complete stranger ended up getting struck by that snake instead of me(I'm think she intervened with me and the snake) , who we later became friends with. The park compensated her with about $7000 in money and free passes to the park/beach.