June 30, 2008

Crush Or Flush

Although I am not one of them, I know a few of my friends who are very interesting in online dating sites for meeting people. And why not? I'm not sure why so many people give online dating services a bad name. It's just as risky as a blind date. At least with an online dating service, you can get to know a person without being in physical danger.

Crush Or Flush is an online dating site that allows you to chat with other individuals without having to give out any of your personal information. In this day and age, that's definitely a plus. If you like someone you can crush them, if not you can flush them and they will never know you flushed them. It saves grace for yourself and allows the person you flushed to move on without the hurt. Much harder to do on a first blind date in person. If you're single and interested in dating sites, Crush or Flush maybe what you are looking for. You should give them a try. If you find someone, I'd love to know how it goes!