June 29, 2008

The Aquarius Casino Resort

When I lived in Las Vegas, I was surprised at so many great hotels there were to choose from. Yet, Vegas isn't the only city who has great hotels. I stayed in Reno for a Poetry Convention several years ago at the Marriott. Wow. there was so much to see and do right in the hotel!

Yet, Las Vegas and Reno aren't the only cities in Nevada with great hotels it seems. While I have never been to any of them, laughlin hotels I've been told are just as nice. My husband and his dad were able to stay in one of Laughlin's hotels when my husband was in California gold mining for his uncle. I was looking at The Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin. They're offering discount prices which is absolutely great! I wouldn't mind staying there. Maybe for our anniversary or something. Right now only wishful thinking, but who knows.