May 30, 2008

What Insurance is Really Necessary?

This morning one of my co-workers was telling me about how expensive it is to keep all of the different insurance policies she has on her family. I know that having insurance for some things is necessary, but where is there a limit to what is really needed.

Take for instance, term life insurance. For some people this may very well be something to have on your side. For me however, it's not something I need or want at the moment. But, that's my own personal opinion. I am very sure many of my readers will probably disagree with me. Life can be short and life insurance is definitely a must for those who have bills they will leave behind, among other expenses.

Term life insurance was something a friend of mine's father didn't have. He was killed in a tragic car wreck a few weeks ago.My friend was lucky enough that some of the funeral expenses were covered by the VFW.

Have you thought about what you will do if you knew your life could very well end tomorrow? Are you prepared or will you leave your family the expenses and debts you have or may very well accumulate? If not, term life insurance may very well be something to consider.