May 6, 2008

SocialSpark Needs to Light My Fire

I have been a member of IZEA's SocialSpark for a few weeks now. To be honest, so far I am not excited about it. Social Spark is a lot like payperpost, only it's supposed to be better. You can chat with other members there, get a prop and wait in line for an opportunity.

While waiting in line may seem nice vs. first come first serve basis with payperpost, so far it's not. I have about 5 opps that I have been waiting for. None of which I have heard back from. Also, I have noticed that when a person takes an opportunity from socialspark and blogs about it, you get this annoying popup that blocks your view.

Also many other paying posts sites don't like those type of ads and find them to be a problem since they take up the entire page.

Okay, so there are some added bonuses to socialspark that are a nice feature. One of my favorites is the members comments about opportunities. This can come in handy if you're not so sure about writing for a certain opp.

Another is the hot blogs feature, although this is somewhat similar to payperpost's featured blogs area. Still, I love being able to check out other blogs!!!

All in all I'd say that socialspark does have some potential. I just really wish they'd get rid of those damn popup ads!!!!

Please Note: This is a paid post from payperpost.