May 6, 2008

Placenta Eatin' MMM MMM Good.....

Nope, the subject of this post's title is not an error. There really ARE people who eat their own placentas after childbirth. And here I thought this was just a practice that only animals do. How the subject even came to light was because, several weeks ago my best friend was reading about interesting practices people do. She pointed out mom's eating their own placentas and then hooked me up with some links and suggested that I blog about it. I started the blog, but then things became really insane around here, so I ended up setting the post aside. Then, a few days ago one of our cats gave birth to kittens and then ate the placenta. Tonight our other cat gave birth to her kittens and did the same.

So now, here I am discussing the ritual of eating placenta. Apparently, eating placenta can help with postpartum depression and hemorrhage. Some websites are even offering recipes for cooking up placenta.

Check Out:

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While it seems to be safe enough that a mother can eat her own placenta, it's not wise to eat someone else's placenta since there can be a high risk of disease such as HIV and Hepatitis.

And while eating placenta may not be uncommon in some households, it will most definitely be uncommon in mine!!!

One final and simply twisted thought....I bet Jeffrey Dahmer is smiling in his grave right now.. YUCK!!!