May 19, 2008

Oprah and Miracle Foods

A while back, Oprah Winfrey introduced Dr. Perricone and his 10 SuperFoods on her talk show. One of the items he mentioned was Lipovox, a weight loss aide.. Now in my opinion, I can't really see how a weight loss aide is a SuperFood. To me food is food, not diet pills. The interesting thing about this product is, not only does it allow you to lose weight, it also helps fight wrinkles and acne.

What is suppose to make this now popular product work is, the green tea extract and antioxidants that it contains. Hmm. I can't see myself taking a pill that promises to do all of those things. Personally I think the better way to lose weight and fight wrinkles and acne is naturally.

If you're interested, There is a website that contains a little more information about Lipovox and what it may or may not do for you.