May 8, 2008

No Smoking in Utah

If you're a smoker and heading to Utah anytime soon, you might want to steer clear of Beaver, Utah. It seems that the good folks of Beaver, Utah will not only raise their prices in a heartbeat, if you're a smoker, they'll give you a threatening stare and warn everyone in town that you're there.

I had never heard of a non-smoking community, but a while back my boss stopped in Beaver, Utah, hoping to get some sleep for the night. When she lit a cigarette, she was given some pretty bad looks and then when she headed for a hotel for the night, the clerk informed her that she was raising the room price because they didn't like her kind in their town. After learned why they didn't like her kind in their town, my boss decided her life was more important than a full night's sleep.

I've known communities that don't allow drinking, but smoking? And then there are those prejudice towns who will leave nasty signs to warn those they don't want to stay clear of their town or else. What is this insane ass world coming to anyway?