May 26, 2008

A Google Adsense Update

When I first started google adsense, there wasn't much to report, since clicks were far and in between. Lately however, my blog has picked up and readers have been clicking on my google ads, allowing me to make a little bit of money.

To give you an idea of how much you can make with google adsense, I've had a total of 62 clicks, making me $17.14. Not too shabby I don't think. What it boils down to, if every person that viewed my page, clicked on an ad once a day, I'd make $20 a day with google alone. Now times that by 5 days a week and that's $100 a week. So I would be making $400 a month with google. That's pretty good, especially since that's half of what I make through my job at work.

Soooo, here's the proof:

Do you use google adsense? If so, have you seen any progress?