May 3, 2008

Gonna Have to Buy a Car....

One thing that I am in desperate need of is a car. I don't need a new one because to be honest, right now I can't afford a new vehicle. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a used vehicle like a used ford from the Buy Your Car website in the UK.
While I may not live in the UK, I am sure I am not alone in needing a car. Right now, I am able to get to and from work since my husband is able to drop me off and a friend is able to pick me up. However, that may very well change in the future and soon! I've already walked the three-mile journey home once, I really don't want to do that again! With gas prices on the rise, a car that is reasonable on gas is a must for me! Since summer is approaching, what I would love to do is buy a bike. Even a simple mo-pad would do.

The one great thing about Buy Your Car's website is, they offer both privately owned and dealership owned vehicles. You can look for a car by specific details such as, make, model, year and even color. How insane is that? The website also offers tips on what to look for when buying a car, what sort of questions to ask the seller and they even provide you with an 18 points buyer’s checklist.

I wonder if there is a US based website that can do all of that???

Please Note: This is a paid post and is sponsored by Buy Your Car and Payperpost.