May 29, 2008

Friday is My Last Day

Not too long ago I learned that a co-worker is sabotaging my job. The reason? They want my position and apparently they've wanted since I started here. It's gone as far as what they are doing (I'll give details after Friday) can cause problems for me in the long run as far as getting another job, so Friday will be my last day here. My choice. Partly because of the co-worker and partly because of another event going on in my life at the moment.

I have yet to tell my boss that the co-worker is part of the reason I am quitting Friday. The only reason I haven't is because my boss is leaving too. The only people that will still be here out of the original bunch are the head housekeepers. Everyone else is new.

I have already been told however that the co-worker may not be here for very much longer. The district boss has gotten word of what's going on and is pretty pissed off. Oddly enough, not too many people like the district boss because she is stern and a leader for the most part. Yes, she can be and yes she has her moments, but I like her attitude and spunk. And apparently she thinks I am great! So does my boss. I'm like, what? lol I am only doing the job. Of course it is a job that I love. Helping people has always been one of my passions. It's a big part of the reason I loved working as a nurse so much.

Heck, I'm here for that very same reason! It definitely isn't for the money, because they don't make much here! Anyway I'll miss this place when I go. The other co-workers (expect for the one) and my boss are all great. Such a shame, but I don't need anymore BS in my life. I have enough health problems as it is at the moment.