May 6, 2008

Even Celebrities Need Help

I've noticed lately that a lot of celebrities have been getting caught on camera with their drinking and drug problems. I was just reading the other day that actor Kiefer Sutherland has a major drinking problem and has even admitted that he does. The article I was reading even showed pictures of him in a drunken state, one with his pants down in public. Pretty insane if you ask me.

But unlike Kiefer Sutherland, most celebrities won't admit they have a problem. Still, just admitting to the problem isn't going to keep you away from the addiction. It takes a lot of help and hard work to get over a drug or alcohol problem.

An even bigger key is privacy. Celebrity or not, no one wants the whole world to know when and where you're being treated for an addiction. It's no fun having people hound you on a daily basis when you're trying to help yourself. Even worse is someone who will tell you that you don't have an addiction and try to get you to leave the treatment facility.

That is why drug rehab places like Sunset Malibu are so great. They help you get over your addiction in a private, soothing atmosphere. It's almost like taking a nice relaxing vacation, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that!