May 20, 2008

The downside of When a Company Updates Their Policy

It's way too easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting paid through an ad blogging company. Unfortunately, there can be times when that company decides to update their policy and drop you like a hotcake because they feel like it. I have yet to be dropped by a company, but I did have one update their policy not too long ago. And to be honest, I'm not very pleased.

While I understand there has to be a boundary on what a blogger can and cannot except as far as ads, I don't think a company that they blog for should be allowed to choose who they can and cannot blog for. Let me explain.

A while back, I received a message from a company stating that if I took any outside positions that had been part of the company's ad clients in the past, I was automatically dismissed. Okay so I can understand that the company doesn't like competition. But here's my question that the company never bothered to answer. What happens if I've established a relationship with a client for paid ads that are not a part of that company and never have been, and then what happens if I recommended that client to that company because they were looking for more exposure.

The reason I asked that, was because I did exactly that! Now, am I going to get dropped like a hotcake from the company because I'm still working for that ad client outside of the company? I don't know and I certainly never got a response to my question. It kinda makes me wonder whether it's worth working for the company or not. Right now I'm not going to complain, simply because the pay I do get from them, helps keep food on the table and that's what's important.