May 13, 2008

Car Renting Going Green!!

Eventually we're going to be moving on with our jobs. When we do, we won't be able to take my husband's old Chevy truck with us because it will barely make it out of town as it is. Since we can't take his truck with us, we'll need to rent a car or truck to get us to where we are going.

Advantage looks like a good place to look for a car rental at a reasonable price. And reasonable is a must! The only problem I found with Advantage is that they don't offer the state of Kansas as a place to pick up a vehicle with them.

Even though we won't be able to use Advantage's service, it doesn't mean that someone else can't! If you live in a major city like, Los Angeles,'re in luck!

The best think that I love about Advantage car rental is that they are committed to going green! How insane is that? They are already working on making sure their cars are 100% fuel efficient among other things. It's the first that I've heard of a car rental service going green. Definitely a plus in my book! Check them out!