May 7, 2008

Are Internet Prices on the Rise?

With the cost of gas prices on the rise, it really makes me wonder what's going to happen to the cost of internet. I'd imagine most people will not be able to travel to see family this summer, so for those who can't, there is always internet access.

However, I am now wondering if internet fees will go up as well. Post office stamps are already on the rise again, so rising the price of internet wouldn't really surprise me.

A few days ago someone was talking to a truck driver who told him that in order to fill up his truck, it cost him over $1000 dollars. That's a lot of money! What's even worse is gas prices are not even at it's all time high right now! I wonder what companies will do once gas prices do rise? I am sure somewhere in this insane world, there will be a riot or some form of strike.

Maybe those hybrid cars need to be a little bit less so that we can all afford one. Better yet, maybe they need to start making hybrid semi-trucks. Then again, hybrid uses electric and there goes our environment when that happens. So either we'll end up walking or riding in horse and buggy style or we're just screwed! Take your pick!!!!