May 14, 2008

2 Girls Plus Wrong Side of Town Equals Big Trouble

Several years ago, my best friend and I ended up on a road trip to Las Vegas. Even though I'd lived there, I wanted to bring my best friend to the city because she was in dire need of a vacation since I knew there were plenty of things to do in Las Vegas. So I snuck back to Kansas and we snuck away to Las Vegas with the kids. Needless to say she experienced more than she bargained for when we missed our exit and would up on a seedy side of town.

I was born and raised in a not so great neighborhood in my own hometown, so I'm used to it. My best friend however, is not. As soon as we got off of the next exit so I could turn around and get back on the right one, my friend began to panic. At first it seemed, things were not so bad and for a minute, I was able to calm her down. But then as soon as she saw a guy lying out in the middle of the street, she screamed and had the neighborhood on alert.

I ended up having to high tail it out of there because I was driving a newer model sport's car at that time. I don't think I ever heard the end of it and to this day, she still talks about that What's even more crazy is, while she was visiting me in Las Vegas, her family and an ex, insisted that she come back Imagine that, a grown women being told she has to come home, right Well, at least she was able to enjoy herself with the many

Eventually I am sure my best friend and I will end up taking another road trip together. That is if our husbands will let us get away with it. Who knows, maybe we can talk them into coming with us!

In the mean time, we can always dream and ponder about where we're headed on our next road trip/vacation. I was thinking maybe California since there are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles.

Since I am not really familiar with the Los Angeles area, I thought maybe Trusted Tours & Attractions would be a great start in information for the city. They have a lot of interesting information on other great cities, as well.

I was thinking I could easily sign up for their newsletter and while I am at it, I might take a peek at the special promotion they are having right now. Right now they are offering a chance to win a a $150 itunes gift card just for signing up for their newsletter, from now until May 31st, 2008. How insane is that?

I think if my best friend and I do decide to head to Los Angeles, we might check out one of their sightseeing tours. Any suggestions?

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