April 22, 2008

Work and Bathroom Faucets

One of our complaint's today at work was about the water pressure not at full speed through our bathroom faucets. It's not the first time someone has complained, but I certainly hope it will be our last.

Interestingly enough, the water pressure is fine in other rooms, so I actually wonder if the bathroom faucets in those particular rooms, have something to do with it. I do know that nasty corrosion has been known to cause enough build up to slow water pressure down. Either way it goes, our hotel does need new faucets.

I wonder if they have a specific company they go through or if they can leave their options open for businesses like faucet.com. The great thing about Faucet.com is, there is no sales tax outside of the state of New York. Which makes it perfect for us small town folk in the good old state of Kansas. They also have free shipping for orders over $99 which lets us save even more. Hmm... I wonder if the owner of our hotel, would be interested.