April 19, 2008

The School Lost Our Kids!!!!

Yesterday, my husband and I went to the school to pick up the kids. When we arrived the kids were nowhere in sight. We learned that they had been bused to the daycare which wouldn't even be open! We always pick the kids up on Fridays at the school on our week, so we're not sure how they got things mixed up..but it's possible they misunderstood my husband's request. So we left it at our fault and apologized.

Since the bus makes a stop at another school here in town we asked if they could call the other school to see if the kids could be stopped before they were dropped off at the daycare. A secretary that we've had problems with before pouted about it, but made the call. We were told the bus had already left for the daycare. With a panic worry and being a little upset, my husband quickly explained we would never make it to the daycare in time. The secretary shot back in a rude and snappy remark that he had better hurry up and get there then. No concern whatsoever in her voice.

So, we left in a mad dash and called one of the daycare owners. She luckily happened to be at the daycare that day! About 10 blocks down the road, my husband just happened to spot the kids walking alone across a busy intersection! Far from Daycare and the other school!!!

We learned from the kids that they had got off of the bus and realized they were not suppose to go to daycare, so instead of getting on the transfer bus, they started walking. They didn't have any idea where they were even going! We were very lucky that we happened to be driving by in that area and saw them!!! We were also lucky a stranger hadn't picked them up or they hadn't been hit by traffic!!!

We called the school, but never got an answer. Now understandably, the children should not have wandered away, but they are too young really understand that. What really concerns me is my step-son has autism and gets confused at times. It's harder for him to understand things. What would have happened if his sister hadn't been there that day and he had decided to wander off? That scares me!! Where was the bus driver or helper who should have a list of the students who transfer to that bus? Why did they not call us immediately and tell us the kids were not on that bus!!! The secretary had told us that they had already left the other school, which means they never knew the kids were missing!!!

We have already called and left a message with the school to call us back about the situation. We are also calling the school board about the problem, Monday. This has not been the first time we've had a problem with this school. And sadly, I doubt it will be the last.

Another odd note about school: I'm not sure if this is just effective here or not, but my step-daughter got 2 days of detention for playing tag Wednesday. They considered tag as hitting/fighting. Huh? I remember playing tag as a kid. It's such a shame that they're taking so much fun out of kids simply playing.