April 4, 2008

Co-workers and Keywords

I have to admit. I've learned some interesting things about each of my co-workers at my job. I'm the type of person who will sit back and listen to what others have to say, so there's not much I haven't heard about someone at work. One particular girl I have learned isn't really the type of person who should be working with us. Most of the co-workers have a few complaints because she doesn't do her job and another co-worker has to retrace her steps and straighten out her mess. Why should another co-worker have to do both her job and theirs?

I really don't know if anything has been said to the boss, but something should be said. I know good help is hard to find and some people really need the work, but she's not good help in that area. She could be moved to another area where she's better, but I've already been hearing customers complain about her rude and crudeness. Keeping customers happy is our goal, so when someone becomes a bitch towards a customer, it's never a good thing!

On another note:

It's interesting to see what people are searching for when they type in keywords and come across my site. Here are a few that I found insanely interesting!!!

  • a new earth insane I must agree, although our earth certainly isn't new!
  • college is insane So people say....
  • insane sex Yeahhhh BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • movie about an insane writer Really there is?? Can I star in it??? Please!!!
  • where ever the What the hell?????