April 4, 2008

ATT Wireless In Need of a Makeover

About 4 months ago my cell phone provider went from Cingular wireless to ATT wireless. Since then, they've given me nothing but trouble. In those past four months I have had to call ATT wireless on a monthly basis due to one problem after another. The first problem I had was they kept changing my rate. I had two phones with a family plan, but since I only needed one phone, I dropped ATT's family rate plan to a single rate plan. The next month, my rate went back up to the family rate plan. I would call, have them change the rate back to single, and the next month it would be back to the family rate plan again!

Finally after about 3 months someone with brains, fixed the problem. After that, I had no more problems. But then, last month I noticed my ATT wireless contract had been changed to 2009 instead of 2008. I had wanted to update my phone in April since the contract was suppose to end then.

So, I called ATT wireless once again, only to be informed that someone in their company had set up a new phone and account without my knowledge, just to gain commission. After about 2 hours of waiting and getting the mess straightened out over the phone, ATT wireless changed my contract back to 2008. Unfortunately, due to all of the screw ups, in order to update my phone I will have to call ATT wireless to upgrade my phone instead of ordering online. I am told I can also order at a local store, but that store will have to call ATT to verify that my contract does indeed end this month and I can upgrade my phone. What a hassle!!!!

Not only that, but they've just raised their text message rates twice in less than a year!!!

I must say, I'm very disappointed in ATT wireless at the moment and wouldn't recommend them to friends or family. The only reason I still have an account with them is because my husband is a customer and since ATT wireless doesn't charge to call other customers, it's a nice convenience for the both of us. I am planning however to drop their text messaging service, since it's about $1 to send a receive a text message. Too expensive for my taste!!!

All I can say is, ATT wireless is definitely in need of a makeover!!!!