March 3, 2008

Those Damn Get Rich Quick Scams! Don't Spend Any Money!

I'm not one who is very trusting of people or marketing ideas when it comes to quick ways of making money online. In fact I am extremely leery!

We already know most get rich quick scams are just that, a scam. And most of the time, in return for signing up for their programs, you not only are wasting your time, you're wasting your hard earned money as well. That's why I will never sign up for a program that asks you to spend money.

Sure, some of you may disagree, but seriously.... Why spend money to make money? It's just completely insane in my opinion. Well, not too long ago I was chatting with a new friend who's also looking for ways to make some simple money. He found one and shared it with his friends.

It's an affiliate report that costs you nothing. Yep, it's absolutely free and in my thinking... The best things in life, come for free. Now what the report is, is it shows you how to make money as an affiliate. Hmm free information on making money. Pretty cool, I think.

To make the deal even sweeter and help spread the word, they're offering $1 referral for each new person who signs up for their free report. Then they're adding .50 per a referral for those new referrals who sign up others to do the same. Hmmm that adds up pretty easily.

Now here's my advice, if you decide to check this out for yourself, use a junk email address to send the report to. Make sure it's one that you can check, however. You'll need to check that email to confirm it. Just a one time thing, so no big deal. Then you can do as I am doing. Check out the free report and then make a little money by referring others to the report as well. Simple and easy.

The only thing is, it's a limited time thing for making money on those you do refer, so you might want to make this number one on your to-do-list. Still, even making a little extra money for a little while is still a sweet deal. Check it out.