March 6, 2008

This Stressful Thing We Call Life

Generally when certain events happen in my life, I just let them go. Lately however, my health has told me no. Yesterday evening I made a phone call and the ending result was stressful. Then late last night I was awakened with a very stressful phone call that has caused my health to decline once again.

I have tried to explain time and time again that it's causing problems. Since listening is not an option for them, it doesn't work. Unfortunately the phone calls are not avoidable due to the importance of other individuals who are involved. So I'm not sure what else to do.

This is not only affecting my health, it is also affecting my job which isn't good. Last night I was unable to sleep, so it's caused problems with my concentration today. The best I can do is keep pushing forward and hope for the best I guess.

I know I am not being specific with the situation, but it's a personal matter that talking about just does more damage to my health and others, than good.