March 6, 2008

The Sweet Sound of Vacationing

I would really love to take a vacation soon. If we can afford to do so, we may just do that. Who knows. And besides I am still planning our honeymoon vacation for July. I know there is still a little bit of time to decide, so I'm checking around a weighing our vacation options. While I have talked about a vacation closer to home, I'd rather get out of the states for a few days or at least away from the Midwest.

ShermansTravel is a website that is dedicated to allowing visitors to find luxury vacations at affordable prices. You can choose from hotels, airfare, cruises, package deals and more. I love their compare and save feature. All I have to do is type in the info and BAM! I am saving some money on our vacation.

They even have a list of the latest Luxury Deals that they have to offer. That $129 a night Jamaica Deal looks sweet. I can even keep up with the latest deals by signing up for their free monthly e-newsletter. And that's awesome for me since I am always on the go and no time to surf every site on my list!

Ahhh A vacation. Sooo on my wish list....