March 6, 2008

Stand, Mount and Deliver!

Eventually we'll need a new television. The big screen tv we bought from my brother-in-law just isn't going to last forever. It has already lost one of the colors, so when we're viewing movies (we don't have cable), the color red is missing.

Since flat screen televisions have dropped in price, I was thinking maybe we'll get one and I am sure my husband will agree. The only problem with buying a flat screen tv is, we don't have a stand or a way of mounting it.

Stands and offers some great solutions like a plasma mount. They even offer a $10 price match guarantee. Right now I am really not sure what kind of mount or stand we will need, but it is great knowing that places like Stands and can help with our needs. Especially since we live in a small town and there are no stores that can meet those kinds of needs. That's why we have this little old thing known as the internet!