March 15, 2008

Quote Comparing

We have always been a client of a locally owned insurance company here in town. Since a good friend of ours works there, we generally get the best, when it comes to auto insurance quotes. At times however, I wonder if we can do better.

Right now we're paying around $30.00 for straight liability insurance. It's on my husband's old 79' Chevy truck. While that's really good for the vehicle he has, soon we'll be getting another vehicle to house all of the kids, and I wonder if it will make an extreme increase in our insurance coverage. is a really neat site. I can go there and compare auto insurance quotes for free. I love being able to compare. You can also compare other types of insurance quotes, such as, health, life, homeowners, disability and more. A pretty nifty site that costs you absolutely nothing to check out!