March 6, 2008

Patrick Swayze and Pancreatic Cancer

I was in shock again after reading about one of my favorite actors, today.

Sadly, actor Patrick Swayze is being treated for pancreatic cancer. While many rumors have been claiming that he has only 5 weeks to live, his doctor says, that's just not true. Patrick has very little of the disease and treatment is going well. While Patrick Swayze is not 100% better, his doctor is optimistic.

In the mean time, Patrick has decided not to let the cancer stop him in doing what he loves best. He is continuing his work on upcoming film and television projects. I hope that he continues to recover and is 100% cured.

There is enough death in Hollywood, and after the recent tragic passing of actor Heath Ledger, the world does not need another fallen hero.

In a final note: If you have not seen any of Patrick Swayze'swork... I suggest, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Roadhouseand The Outsiders. Four of my favorite Swayze movies.