March 19, 2008

Out with the Old, In With the New

I finally decided it was time to update my links a bit. Yes my friends, It's time to face reality....Elvis has finally left the building and gone home, forever.

Okay, so maybe that was just a little bit of my insane side seeping out. Seriously though, I needed to update my blog, so I started with links. Here's the rundown.

Out with the Old:
  • If the link hadn't been updated in months, it was deleted from my blog.
  • If it's not something I'll promote, it went bye bye.
  • If the page to the link was changed and it's not something I think my readers would really be interested in, it went out the door.
  • If I added you and you promised a link back and never delivered, you're gone.
In with the New:
  • I added a blogroll from the good old state of Kansas
  • I added a few new links and blogs that I am currently reading
  • I added a blogroll called, The Top Recommended Products
In time, I will probably update my blog with a fresh new layout. So stay tuned! By the way, if you find your blog has been deleted and feel it's an error... Let me know and I'll be happy to check your link out and go from there.....