March 11, 2008

Organzing Work and Appointments

Looks like today is going to be a really busy day. Not only am I backed up with work, but I am also scheduling dentist appointments, posting promised reviews and making a list of tomorrow's work.

Sometimes I wish I had an easier way of keeping track of everything. I love schedules when it comes to daily work and appointments. I've been using Works Calendar program since I can plug in my work and appointments with ease. But for me it's just not enough. So I am on the hunt for a better program (free) that will allow me to keep track of everything and notify me when things are due. Ideas, anyone?

I know that Microsoft Calendar can do that, but it's not really all that customizable. I like backgrounds and those nifty little gadgets that can make work and things a little easier. Yep. I am rambling! Time for me to get back to work!