March 23, 2008

Life With an Alcoholic

Alcohol Abuse is not a simple matter. It should be taken seriously. When someone you know is abusing alcohol, it not only affects them, it also affects everyone around them.

I remember growing up and hearing about the times that my cousin would be wasted from booze. He would shoot at televisions because commercials would be playing, he would manage to get arrested for some reason or another... I know there were times that I wish I would have said something to him about his problem. Thankfully he recovered on his own.

Not everyone can recover on their own, however. And for those who do have difficulty, an alcohol rehab center like, Cliffside Malibu in Los Angeles, CA can help.

Cliffside Malibu specializes in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. The treatment center focuses on individual addictions while creating a relaxing and luxurious environment for that individual's comfort.

Their Goals and Objectives Include:

  • Determine appropriateness for treatment for each resident
  • Detox affected residents, when necessary
  • Evaluate individuals for substance use disorders and any co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorders
  • Offer each patient an individual drug rehabilitation plan which maximizes comfort and the potential for success
  • Provide treatment for residents' families through our three day family program
  • Develop an aftercare plan which supports the program's philosophies and objectives

If you have a family member that is suffering from Alcohol abuse, please don't hesitate like I did. Get them help immediately. Even if your loved one does not live near the Los Angeles area, there are numerous rehab centers that are willing to help! Remember, it's not just your loved one that is hurting, those around him/her are hurting as well.