March 17, 2008

Karaoke and People From the Past

Last night was just want of the nights where it was time for a break away from the house. So we went to Karaoke. I'm not much for drinking, so when we found a place that does Karaoke and keeps drinking to a minimum, I was thrilled. I love sining, but it's rare for me to get to do so in front of crowds. The minute we walked in, we discovered the place was small (Just to my liking)and my husband was recognized by old friends of his mother. He then found old friends from grade school. So, it was nice that he was able to find old friends again.

Eventually some other friends of ours joined us, which made things even more interesting since one of our friends is in a band. He sang karaoke and had the crowd asking for It was pretty cool. A fun night all and all and we managed to get home before midnight!