March 23, 2008

Hey! Where's the Easter Egg Hunt???

Today we went to our local Park for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. As it turns out, there was no hunting involved. We ended up standing in a long line waiting to see the easter bunny inside of a building. Then the kids were ushered from table to table to pick up easter goodies. Their goodies consisted of a bag of shelled sunflower seeds (not bright for little ones) and Christmas candy! All in all it was very disappointing, at least for those of us who remember what a REAL Easter Egg Hunt is like.

I'm not sure what our city was thinking when they planned this year's Easter Egg Hunt, but I'm terribly disappointed in how they organized, what should have been a fun and eventful time for the kids and their families. Whatever happened to the days when kids would have to search for the easter eggs to find treats? I understand that some kids are greedy when it comes to easter goodies, but there are ways around that. It's no reason to kill the fun in Easter Egg Hunting, like the city of Independence, Kansas has done!