March 18, 2008

Gary Busey, Did He or Didn't He??

It's nice that actor Gary Busey offered an apology after he disrupted actress, Jennifer Garner's interview. Gary Busey actually grew up and went to school in Oklahoma with my dad. I am not sure if they were good friends back then or not, but it's fun to listen to him talk about the old days and going to school with Gary.

I hope Jennifer accepts his apology. I honestly don't know whether or not Gary truly did not know that Jennifer was being interviewed, but then again BOYS will be At least he apologized for it.

Maybe the next time Gary Busey is being interviewed, Jennifer can walk up to him, hug him and say, "OHHH I am sooo sorry. I did not know you were being interviewed!" Then she can walk away with a smirk on her face, knowing that she has just made Gary Busey's day and gotten away with some limelight!!! LOL

Thanks for the smile, guys.