March 5, 2008

Free USB Braclet For Your Business.

I love free stuff, especially when the item is worth the effort.... And this item is definitely worth the effort. It's a Free 2 GB USB bracelet. I must give credit to Steven Truong for this find.

The company giving away the USB bracelet is, Interop Ability. Keep in mind that when you check out this free item, they do ask for company info, so if you're not self-employed, you may want to skip out on this offer. Also, if you're worried about Junk mail or too many solicited phone calls, you might want to give them a junk email address and screen your calls. But please remember, they're giving this item away for a moment of your time.

A Quick Update: This comes from Steven Truong under comments. Thank You Steven.

-"I do want to note that this is sponsored by Microsoft and Novell and that if you don't have a company and it requires one, you can actually use your name since sole proprietorships can operate under individual names for business."